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  1. Thanks so much for including us, SpanglishBaby, on your short-list! Melanie from ModernMami made us aware of this post.

    I do agree that even a year ago the Latina-blogosphere was in it´s infancy stage, but is now booming with amazing content from excellent writers and professionals.

    My personal favorite at the moment is http://www.ModernFamilia.com

    There´s also a great list over at ShePosts: http://sheposts.com/content/general-mills-hosts-latina-blogueras-qu%C3%A9-rica-vida-relaunch

  2. Great, thanks for sharing!

  3. Thanks so much for the link love. I love that our once “little” Latina blogging community is expanding and growing with so many Latinas talking about so many different topics.

  4. Hi! I guess I spoke too soon, obviously I am not on the list, but thought you might enjoy my blog and maybe include in your next Spotlight? (only if you enjoy it of course!)

    I am a chilean mama who moved to the US when I was 12, and I am now living in the UK and raising my son bilingually.

    The blog is from his point of view! The latest entry is about him teaching his papi spanish. If you get some time, I hope you can have a look! I am enjoying seeing other Hispanic mamas out there blogging!

    gracias!! Maria Jose

    Mummy’s Busy World by me, Little M

    p.s. thanks for following me on twitter! :) @verybusymama

    • Thanks for mentioning your blog – I was only able to mention a couple in the post, but I’m glad more are coming up in the comments! It’s definitely interesting to get your perspective from overseas!

  5. Marcela says:

    Great list you have here!!! These women are as awesome in person as in their blogs!

  6. Thanks for helping us shine, it’s great to see more and more articles that highlight us, latina bloggers.

  7. Clementina says:

    Muchisimas gracias for mentioning my blog, “Taza de Chocolate”. We might be modern women, but let’s never forget those wonderful tradtional Mexican recipes–or the women who taught us them.
    Anyone for menudo?

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